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Gold Egyptian Canopic Jar

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Back In Stock Soon! (4th Mar 2019)

Each gold Egyptian Canopic jar is made from resin and has been finished in golds reds and blues colours typically associated with Egyptian imagery.

Canopic jars were used in the mummification process.  The removed body parts were cleaned and mummified then placed into four special jars called canopic jars. Each canopic jar had a lid with the head of a god. Imsety (a male headed god) guarded the liver. Qebehsenuef (a falcon-headed god) held the intestines. Hapy (a baboon-headed god) looked after the lungs and Duamutef (a jackal-headed god) guarded the stomach. The heart remained in the body as it was believed to be important in a ceremony that took place in the afterlife.

Each jar is priced individually however this item can only be purchased in multiples of 4.

The jars come packaged 4 in a box one of each designs. Please note when this item is low in stock not all designs may be available.


Height 12cm