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Maneki Neko Waving Cat, Eyes Open 17cm

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Each Maneki Neko Waving Cat is made from a hollow ceramic body with a plastic waving arm, the body is finished with gold coloured foil with hand painted details and green glitter adding an extra sparkle; the waving arm has been finished with gold and red paint. The waving arm is attached to a battery powered mechanism which keeps the arm rocking back and forth; to start the motion simply push the arm backwards or forwards.

Maneki Neko literally translates as 'beckoning cat' but is also known as the welcoming cat, lucky cat or fortune cat and is a common sight at the entrances to shops, restaurants and other businesses in Japan. The gesture of the cat beckoning is meant to bring good fortune and wealth to the business or household.

Each Maneki Neko Waving Cat comes individually packed in a decorative card box. This product requires 1 AA battery, not supplied.


Height 17ccm Width 12.5cm Depth 10cm